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What is portfolio :

A portfolio is a sample of a work. A portfolio is a presentation of a parsons works knowledge, skills, qualities and actions. A single type of work portfolio is a single type. Simply put, a portfolio is a sample of a parsons work or performances. Below I am typing to highlight some of my work sample.

My Skills :

My name is Md. Monjur Rahman. I am a digital marketer. I can create WordPress website, Facebook page and Promotions, Google top ranking, Classified ad Posting and SEO. Below are my pictures and work samples.

Picture :


Address : Village : Allokshottro, Upzila : Kahaloo, District : Bogra.
City : Dhaka, Postal code : 5870
Country : Bangladesh

WordPress Website :

A Website makes a company or organization easily known. The permanence of the organization easily reach of people. So create website very needed.

My website name “ICT Corner”. Link :

Front Page :


Back en Page :


Facebook Page :

Facebook Marketing is very important of digital marketing. A business can be expended quickly through digital marketing. It is possible to delivery the targeted customer. So it is impotent to create and prompt Facebook brand page. My Facebook Page name ” ICT Corner”. Link :

Facebook Business Page Screenshot :


Facebook About Page :


Facebook Group List :

Facebook Group-List-Screenshot.

Bookmarking :

Bookmarks help a site move up the rankings easily. Bookmark are essential are every website or blog site. So bookmarks are needed in the right way.

Bookmarking Site List :

Bookmark Site List

Bookmarking Prof List :


Classified ad Posting :

Classified as Posting is the work of online sales and marketing category. It is fictive sales and marketing way.

Classified site list screenshot :


A job reveals a person’s knowledge. skills, qualities, performance. On the basis of which a buyer or client offers a job. Beautiful work, beautiful performance can lift a person up the ladder. So called ” Hard work is the mother of good fortune”. A portfolio is a reflection of a work. All the performances of a person’s work are published through his sample. So the importance of a sample is a lot. So we will create a beautiful and attractive portfolio.

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